Kicked off in 2015, Nashville Meets London has become London’s largest free Country Music Festival, and continues to draw many festivalgoers and participation from artists abroad. The two-day event is on its way to becoming a firm fixture in London’s music calendar. Each year, Nashville Meets London features established and exciting new talent from the heart of country music, Nashville, Tennessee and the UK, and continues to grow in attendance. The festival has showcased performers including American Young, Logan Brill, Ashley Campbell, Russell Dickerson, Ty Herndon, Sam Outlaw, Angaleena Presley, Lucie Silvas, Jo Smith, alongside UK-based acts Yola Carter, Flats & Sharps, Kevin McGuire, Megan O’Neill, Pauper Kings, Hannah Rose Platt, Raintown, Wildwood Kin and William the Conqueror. Nashville Meets London is held on the Canary Wharf Estate, which is a major retail destination comprising around 1m sq ft across five shopping malls, including the award-winning leisure development, Crossrail Place, housing one of London’s most stunning roof gardens. Additionally, there’s a wide variety of bars and restaurants, including numerous American dining options such as American-inspired and London favorites. Nashville Meets London is co-produced by Peter Conway Management and Nashville-based agency, The AristoMedia Group. The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (TNECD) serves as a supporter and sponsor of the event. Baylen Leonard, BBC Radio 2 Country/Chris Country DJ, is the artistic program consultant.

Chris Cornell-Led Supergroup Shares 2016 Tour

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European Tour With Video Diary

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‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’ DROELOE Remix

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Why the Latin/CCR Crossover Album

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‘Many Rivers to Cross’ Social-Justice Festival

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